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Captive shot blasting

We can offer removal of existing road markings by captive shot blasting.


Captive shot blasting is a process that uses water and specialist grit – in the form of an inert synthetic mineral blasting abrasive manufactured by granulation in water of the slag arising from unique fumed copper smelting processes – to forcibly remove markings where removal by others means such as burning off is not an option; generally to prevent damage to the surface course.

Captive shot blasting is a dust free process due to the use of water and we use specialist Echo Barrier around the work area to suppress any noise pollution so it is also a favourable removal option in sensitive areas such as city centres. We have invested heavily in specialist equipment and training to be able to provide this specialist service to our customers.

We also have a mobile blast cabinet that can be used in areas where the barrier may not be feasible.

Captive shot blasting can also be used indoors on the likes of warehouse floors and outdoors on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and monoblock.

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