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Imprint (Techprint)

With Techprint Imprint, Phoenix Specialist Solutions combines aesthetics and performance, transforming everyday spaces, that stand the test of time.

Thermoplastic Patterned Overlay System

Thermoplastic durable overlay surface which is specifically designed to be imprinted with a chosen mould in a variety of patterns.

Techprint is suitable for all trafficked areas giving a decorative appearance to a large number of applications including traffic calming, urban regeneration and town centre enhancements.


• Traffic Calming Schemes
• Speed Tables
• Urban Regeneration
• Village Gateway Treatments
• Pedestrian Areas
• Roundabouts
• Parking Areas
• Demarcation Areas/Build Outs
• Urban Regeneration Areas
• Heritage Areas


 90 deg Herringbone
 45 deg Herringbone

Alternative patterns are available upon request.

Features and Benefits

• Quick to install
• Long term cost effective
• Zero maintenance
• Highly durable and hard wearing
• Full colour depth
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Fast curing times –minimising traffic disruption.

Typical Colours

• Burnt Red
• Oxide Red
• Fawn
• Stone
• Brown
• Yellow
• Grey
• Green
• Blue

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